Wind for 9,2

Some days left before leaving to Sylt to race for PWA points. 54 starters are registered in the entry list for the Slalom 42 discipline. A bit less than in Turkey, but a lot of excellent sailors. Today the northwesterly wind has been blown while the whole day with a force in between 7 and 18 knots. I was out in the afternoon for about 90 minutes and felt quite nice. The jibes are getting better and better. The new technigue in the grip helps a lot to stay a bit lower at the end of the jibe and feels much easier to keep the speed after the mark.

here is the link tro the entry list for Sylt in the Slalom 42 discipline:[showUid]=130&tx_pwaevent_pi1[ediscipline]=427&cHash=50a2c8c55d

I will write an article about the Sylt event for the German Surf, which makes me so interested in all news going on.
Today we met Rudi at the beachpark of Podersdorf. I went with him on an awesome windsurfing trip 5 years ago. We left Austria with an old Campingbus and went down till Dahkla, located in the Western Sahara.

All the best,

Two of my best friends: Isonic 122 and Rudi


New Vans booties for Sylt: it´s the beach to be dressed well