Egypt was great

We just came back from Egypt, where we had great wind and met a lot of new cool people. Th ewind was up more than 60 % of the time and we had the chance to see the Pyramides as well. NOw it´s time to pack again. The this years windsurfing action is an endless story. We will drive to Croatia. In the south of Istria, close to the famous city Pula, a Slalom event will take place in Premantura. In former years the EFPT hosted their freestyle tour final and crowned the European champion. This year the slalom and formula racers will compete around marks. The windforecast looks pretty good – strong Bora should blow – and I hope to see a lot of windsurfers there.
See you on the Adriatic water,

Sailing in the gulf of Suez was fun. Warm water, warm air, but powerful wind. Kerstin got awesome shots this time!
One Foot Spinloop

The windforecast for the next days in Premantura (source: