First time Egypt

Finally we got an internet connection in the Eastern desert of Egypt. We had no possibility to connect for about a week. But we had great wind while the last week, in between 20 and 25 knots. I am so stoked about my new Flare 99 and the Gator sails. For lightwind days the Kombat 122 with the 8,0 is an absolute winner. All together it was worth already to visit this Arabic country.
The trip to Cairo was very impressive, but it is hard to see how it looks like if you have to live without anything. More than 20 million people live in the megacity, but only 3 million earn enough money.
I hope we get some more wind, which is a bit down in the moment.
Keep you updated,

Leaving Vienna airport, Tommy and myself dragging the gear to the big luggage counter
Vienna airport

Cairo downtown