Publications in the UK Windsurf Magazine

The UK Windsurf magazine featured the travel story about Lake Balaton in their print issue September 2018 and as well published it on their website here. If you are interested to read a few details about the biggest lake in central Europe and the best windsurfing spots, I really recommend you the article.

A little exctract of my text (text: Chris Pressler / photos: Kerstin Reiger)

But the Hungarian Sea, Magyar Enger or Balcsi, as it is commonly called by the locals, can also be quite different. If a proper cold front from Northwest is going through, the lake can turn into a wild monster within a very short time, which makes the windsurfer’s heart beat faster. The „steppe lake“ (endorheic basin) with reeded banks, which derives its name from the Slavic blatna, can be translated as a swampy march. It turns brown over several hours, but also for several days. Sand and mud particles are thrown up from the ground and broken reed drifts on the surface of the huge lake. On strong days, the display of the wind meter can climb to over 7 Beaufort. We got that wind force several times at Baladtonfenyves, Balatonlelle, Fonyod light and Szantod. The so far strongest wind speed of 129.6 km / h was measured in July 1961.

The onshore wind is already sweeping over Balatonberény, where we cross the Balaton road to the southern shore of the lake for the first time. The surface of the lake is completely cooking. Thousands of sharp waves jump in the direction of concrete walls and islands of reeds offshore, and the metal spiders scattered around the water for ambitious anglers will probably remain unoccupied all afternoon long. The lake riots wildly. The air has cooled noticeably, but the water has still stored the summer residual heat. Luckily!! 15 km further towards the north-east, the probably most famous spot on the south shore, Balatonfenyves awaits us. It’s not busy. We are almost alone at the famous spot. The north-west wind blows constantly, but not as strong as expected. Obviously the wind is accelerated through the valleys between the volcanic mountains. Still it’s good enough to ride with the Freestyle board and a 5,8m sail. Later we join Eva at her little bar and eat local food and get a great coffee and a sweet Palatchinka.

Willy Skipper action in the Windsurf magazine online page 10 Lake Balaton 2018

Willy Skipper action in the Windsurf magazine online page 10 Lake Balaton 2018

Instead, I decided for short runs in the distance to give Kerstin a good chance to shoot the best possible jibing shot. I even rigged my freestyle equipment, a 5.4m sail and Kerstin took amazing shots out of the water. What a great spot. The base is soft sand and the low water level allowed us to touch the ground in a huge area. Later on the beach I was impressed talking to Szabo, who has been living here for 22 years and runs his beach bar almost as long as he lives in Fonyódliget. “Why do you windsurf so good? My daughter is now 18 and would also like to discover the world with the windsurfer. Since Kamilla was born, I am running the beach bar. That explains why I called the bar Kamilla. Czabo, enthusiastic windsurfer and owner of selected older boards disappears in the kitchen. We look at his historical treasures with glowing eyes and observe Kamilla, who arrived from school, rigging her gear. Szabo served us Latte Macchiato, homemade pizza and sausages. “These are the remains at the end of a long season. I hope you enjoy it! “We relax in the chairs overlooking the lake, the volcanic mountains at the opposite shore and the sun. Kamilla glides at full speed on her equipment…